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影影 Ying Ying Chen 老师

Kpop/ Jazz/ Chinese dance instructor

Miss Ying Ying is 23 years old now and started her dance training at the age of 4 . She came from Beijing Armed Police Art Group.  Graduated with a degree in dance and acting from Nanjing University of the Arts, Ying Ying has won lots of awards and gained recognition for her amazing performances including :

The first prize for group dance ‘Butterflies’ on CCTV New Year’s Gala in 2009.

The first prize in National Military Dance Competition for dance ‘Sing towards the sky’ in 2009.

From 2011 to 2014, Lead dancer in the scene’ Nanniwan’ of Dance drama ‘The memory in Yan’an’.


Jing Li (Eva) started learning Chinese Ethnic dance from Guangdong Dance school at the age of 13 and has continuously worked in song and dance troupes ever since. Her representative dance works include ‘Love song under the moon’, ‘Coming back from the town Alili’. She later on joined the Children’s theater for dancing and acting for years. Her representative works during that period of time include dance drama ‘Little story in big forest’,   grand myth drama for children ‘The magical pickaxe’, children’s drama ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ , children’s drama ‘Snow White’.   Children’s dance ‘Ball exercise dance’, ‘School boy’,’Little rabbit’,  Indian dance’ Bounce the ball’, ‘Umbrella fan dance’ . She also received training from Asian yoga association mentor training School, and became a certified Advanced Yoga and Hot Room Yoga instructor.

Nicole /Ke Tian 老师

Nicole Tian graduated from Shanghai Normal University Dance Department with a master’s degree in Chinese Dance Education in 2010 and is a member of Shanghai Dancers’ Association. After graduation, she has been teaching dance at her school for many years. She participated in the 2010 Shanghai China Expo by creating, choreographing and performing in the shows. Her students have participated in various performances and won awards including 2nd prize and 3rd prize in the National College Students Art Exhibition. In recent years, Nicole has worked on 2 dance projects for the city, conducted 2 research studies of dance education at school and participated in writing 3 textbooks for dance education. She received the 3rd prize in the National Dance Education Essay Contest and the 1st Prize in the City Dance Education Essay Contest.


Jade graduated from Beijing Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Dance Studies. She has comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese ethnic dance, and has been teaching dance for many years. She worked for Santa Monica College Dance Department and University of South California Chinese Dance Team. Jade is now a dance instructor at Lilian Dance Studio and has been choreographing numerous dance performances and practicing works for the local Asian Americans with a passion of Chinese dance culture.


Anna (Sidi Wang) is 24 years old and 1.73 m tall.
Education: Capital Normal University, Bachelor’s degree
Major courses: Chinese Classical Dance, Chinese Ethnic Dance, Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz

Teaching experience:
2015.09-2017.06 Beijing CTV Guoli School, Chinese Dance/Enlightenment Dance/Ballet Instructor
2016.11-2017.01 Art High School art exam trainer
2017.09-2017.12 Beijing Weimei Dance School, Chinese Dance/Enlightenment Dance Instructor
2017.11-2018.03 China Agricultural University Faculty Dance Team, Ethnic Dance Instructor 2015- 2018 Choreographer and Dance Instructor for evening galas

Gold Award in 2015 Beijing College Student Dance Festival
First Prize in Northern China 5 Provinces and Municipalities Dance Competition
Dance performance in the 3rd International College Student Micro Movie Festival Ceremony
Dance performance in the World of Dance on CCTV3
Dance performance in Beijing College Student Dance Festival Closing Ceremony
Capital Normal University Cultural Exchange to United States, dance performance
Dance performance in 2016 CCTV3 Mid-Autumn Festival Show

She enjoys dancing and has extensive teaching experience. She specializes in:
Chinese Classical Dance, Ethnic Dance and Folk Dance (Uighur, Dai, Mongols Jiaozhou Yangge), Ballet (Basic training), Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Jazz(Broadway).


Fitness/Modeling Instructor

Master degree of International Business, State University of New York. Advanced study in the Department of Theater and Dance.Modeling Instructor, Zumba Certified Coach,Miss International Fashion Travel Pageant Judge.Engaged in Modern Jazz, K-pop dance, modeling instruction, runway model competition and modern dance competition training for years.Students won the first, second and third places in various modeling competitions.


Hip-Hop and K-Pop Instructor.

Experienced dancer and choreographer with a passion for teaching Hip-Hop, Choreo, Jazz, and K-Pop dance styles. Achieved multiple accolades, including being in the top 24 of the 2013 DiamondFreak Jazz Dance Competition Vol. 2 and placing fourth in the 2014 Guangzhou Red and White High School Street Dance Competition. Recognized nationally for excellence in dance by winning the Born to Dance Street Dance Elite Competition in 2015. Skilled in choreography and directing large-scale dance performances.

Leon li李老师

Hip-Hop Instructor


Leon老师有着10年的舞龄,有着丰富教学多年的经验,于4年前开始他的Hip Hop locking和编舞课程。极好的动作控制力让舞蹈更丝滑,他的编舞更是让人眼前一亮。 2015-2016曾在广州著名舞团speed 参与集训, 2023年 参加kaos 训练营的齐舞比赛并担任director 拿到成年组第一名。

Leon, with 10 years of dance experience and extensive teaching experience, started his teaching life of Hip Hop locking and choreography courses four years ago. His excellent control of movements adds a smooth touch to the dance, and his choreography is truly eye-catching. In 2015-2016, he underwent training with the renowned dance group “speed” in Guangzhou. In 2023, he participated in the dance battle at the kaos training camp, serving as the director, and secured the first place in the adult group.

Class: Hip Hop locking